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The Yonaguni Monument.

A massive formation carved into a solid piece of limestone found off the Japanese island of Yonaguni.

Even though a ten year old could figure out that the formations are NOT natural (90 degree angles, walkways, large steps, carvings depicting animals/humans, etc) mainstream archaeologists either ignore its’ existence, or claim the ocean is responsible for the formation.

Why is it so hard for archaeologists to remain open to the man-made nature of the ruins? Simply because the structure would have to have been built at a time when sea level was tens of meters lower then it is today. Sometime around 10,000 BC if I remember right. Which is of course a time when people were supposed to be living nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles.

Instead of re-evaluating the time line of human history, the scientific community has just denied it.

“However, from a purely archaeological point of view, maybe the most important aspect of the Yonaguni ruins are that that they are located below some tens of meters of water, because this puts it at least many thousands of years back in history. In fact, its seems probable that it is this aspect of the monument that has kept the discussion on its artificiality alive; there is little doubt that if the monument were safely above ground, its artificiality would be beyond question. However, having such a monument of such an age is a very big problem for the known order of history.”

The best part is, there are other ancient structures that scream human creation on all sides of the monument. The second picture is a large map of the sea floor, with the monument itself circled in red. The other points labeled are other artificial looking structures in the surrounding seabed.

The third picture is a map of the monument alone with measurements and labeling some of the most obscure rock faces.

It definitely seems man-made to me. Time to start rethinking human history =)

Fascinating, if the quotation is true then it shows how easily an extraordinary discovery is disregarded out of inconvenience. 

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